Fabulous Finds

I have some more favorite finds to share!

1. The website is not officially up yet. I can’t wait – I could spend hours on Etsy, and now they are starting an Etsy specifically for kids’ stuff? If you need clothing for photos, or great gifts, this is the place to go. www.etsykids.com

Picture 34

2. Check out www.twobluepeas.com. Let’s just say thank god I don’t have a newborn right now. I could   buy everything!

LOVE the wubbanubs – the coolest new toy/pacifiers! The babies will love these.

Picture 22

Picture 20

Picture 27

They also have fabulous blankets and shoe socks that are superb for newborn/baby photo sessions.
Picture 25

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  • Sarah - Thanks so much for the post Lisa! I just took an order from your sister, Rachel, and she told me you had mentioned us on your blog. Too sweet! Best of luck to you. Your work is absolutely beautiful.